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About Us

Our vision is to nurture and assist every child to develop their unique abilities and discover their future unlimited potential. Ivy is a value-based early learning environment where your child can develop into a strong, confident, happy, and healthy individual – in both mind and body.

 We aspire to: 
  • Provide an atmosphere that awakens the love of learning

  • Nurture a sense of wonder and inspire the spirit of human imagination

  • Follow a holistic approach encompassing a connection of mind, body, and spirit

  • Cultivate a child’s self-awareness of their body, feelings, thoughts and attitudes

  • Support the discovery of each child’s unique personality

  • Foster an understanding and respect for the natural environment

  • Encourage sustainable practices to nurture children’s understanding of their responsibility to care for the environment

  • Engage and uphold the values on which Ivy was founded

Our Programs

 Our early education and nursery program offers a nurturing environment where young learners thrive through a blend of structured learning and playful exploration. With a curriculum designed by international experts, we ensure a globally informed foundation, tailoring education to each child's needs. We focus on intellectual, emotional, and social development, preparing children for lifelong learning in partnership with parents.


We believe all learning is integrated and interconnected and unique for each child

  • We value and respect cultural diversity, individual differences & development

  • We see value in adapting the learning environment to each child’s developmental stage

  • We allow children to take initiative and experience freedom while playing

  • We discover and encourage the living beauty of childhood

Our Philosophy

At The Ivy, we embrace the vibrant and dynamic nature of life by preparing children with foundational skills for lifelong learning. We nurture their development through our unique approach to the "Three C's":

  • Confidence: Building self-assurance in each child.

  • Compassion: Fostering empathy towards others.

  • Curiosity: Encouraging a deep interest in the surrounding world.

Our 21st-century teaching methods, combined with a passionate staff, support holistic development. We aim to instill a balanced lifestyle, encompassing academic excellence, emotional and mental well-being, and mindfulness. Ivy educators are dedicated to helping children connect with themselves, others, and nature, ensuring they grow into well-rounded individuals.

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