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Our Classrooms

The Ivy's classrooms are uniquely designed to inspire and support each child's development, with dynamic spaces adaptable for various activities throughout the day. From infancy through toddlerhood, we provide nurturing environments where children thrive across cognitive, language, social, emotional, practical, and motor skill domains. Our Upper Preschool and Kindergarten programs offer a seamless transition, fostering comprehensive skills development while nurturing social and emotional well-being for future academic success.

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Our Programs


In our infant program, we celebrate each developmental milestone as our little ones evolve from curious observers to active explorers. Through a mix of guided and open-ended activities, we foster their curiosity and holistic growth. Our toddler program builds on this foundation as children’s imaginations thrive through hands-on exploration and social interactions, helping them discover and engage with the world around them.

Daily Routine

Both infants and toddlers at Ivy enjoy personalized schedules that cater to their individual needs for feeding and sleeping. When awake, they participate in a variety of activities that enhance play, motor skills, mobility, and relationship-building. Our structured daily routines include educational experiences, meals, rest periods, and quiet reflection time, designed to nurture growth and exploration.

Healthy Attachments

Our programs emphasize the importance of forming secure, trusting relationships. We create safe, supportive environments where children feel valued, fostering emotional security and resilience from an early age.

Emotional Coaching

We integrate emotional coaching into our daily interactions to support children’s emotional wellness. This includes validating feelings, teaching empathy, and aiding emotional regulation. In the toddler program, we incorporate yoga and mindfulness to encourage well-being and self-awareness, enhancing joy and inner peace through movement and sensory experiences.

Our Programs
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