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Raising the future with early learning, afterschool education and preparatory programs crafted by experts.

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The Ivy is a holistic child care and afterschool program that focuses on promoting the development of the whole child while supporting the family in their parenting journey. Our world-class educators and caregivers utilize state-of-the-art innovation and brain mapping to provide your child with the best care and spark for learning.

Our Partners


The Ivy Advantage:

Holistic Curriculum

Our early education program is endorsed by global experts.

Dedicated to Families

Committed to the needs and aspirations of modern families.

Esteemed Foundations

Initiated by Harvard-educated early childhood experts.

Focus on Wellbeing

developed by experts, we offer nutritious, balanced meals to foster healthy growth and learning.

Dynamic and Innovative

A first-of-its-kind framework with advanced progress monitoring.

Purpose Built

A first-of-its-kind framework with advanced progress monitoring.

Our Programs


The Ivy’s infant program supports a wide span of development with many exciting milestones. Children go from observers to experimenters, engaging in new experiences every day.

Lower Preschool

The Ivy's preschool is full of imaginative experiences, hands-on inquiry, and socialization. Children at this age are engaged in learning moments and eager to be exposed to new ideas or experiences.

Upper Preschool

The Ivy’s Upper Preschool program focuses on refining skills across all developmental domains and milestones in preparation for their school careers and beyond.  We use children’s real-world knowledge and experience to fuel their exploration in the classroom. Children leaving the program will be prepared socially and academically for their next educational stage.


"Early childhood education sets the foundation for lifelong learning, behavior, and health, as it is a period of remarkable brain development that shapes how children perceive their world and adapt to it."

— Harvard Center for the Developing Child

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Admissions Waitlist

Register your interest for our waitlist and expect to hear from a member of our admissions team very soon!

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