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Nutritious foods are important for your child's learning and growth. We focus on mindful eating, with relaxed mealtimes for children to enjoy meals with educators and friends. Our meals are balanced, served on real plates with proper cutlery, creating a pleasurable dining experience. Our seasonal menus are prepared by our on-site chef, meeting international nutritional standards and accommodating allergies in our nut-free center.

Healthy Menus

Our bi-weekly seasonal menus are displayed on the noticeboard and sent to parents directly. We provide several options which can be tailored to the individual needs of each child. We follow the top international nutritional guides

Mealtimes at Ivy

Children and staff share healthy eating patterns and positive attitudes toward food. At Ivy, mealtimes are pleasant, culturally appropriate, relaxed, and supervised to promote healthy eating practices. We offer a variety of foods suitable for different age groups, including vegetables, fruits, lean meat, fish, chicken, milk, yogurts, and cheese. Children are encouraged to drink water and milk throughout the day.

Food Allergies

Traces of nuts may be highly dangerous to children who are allergic to them. Because of this, The Ivy is a ‘NUT FREE zone’. If your child has other food allergies, please share them with us and we will make accommodations. We want your child to feel comfortable and receive the foods which are best for them.

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